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Dear Dr J Numbers don't LIE. Clearly your knowledge and skill of correctly diagnosing and medicating both the thyroid and cholesterol levels is brilliant. I feel so much better, thank you. Again, I am deeply impressed. You are a kind and humorous man. Your staff is responsible and pleasant. To sum it up, after ONE clinic visit, a correct diagnosis and one month of correct medication my body is completely changed, and NORMAL FEELS GOOD!

Cynthia R


Dr J, Thank you so much for being kind and dedicated to me and my needs. You have gone above and beyond to keep me healthy, and my family can't Thank you enough.



It is a privilege to share my personal experience as a patient of Dr. Juetersonke. For years I had had severe sleep issues where I would get up just as tired as I was when I went to bed after a 12 to 17-hour night's sleep. Dr. Juetersonke immediately ordered a sleep study and determined that I had a severe sleep disorder that needed immediate attention. Dr. Juetersonke and his staff worked tirelessly with various medications, pharmacies, treatments, etc., to help find the most effective treatment. I am now sleeping 8 hours a night, and when I get up, I am rested, refreshed, awake, and ready for a new day! I have never felt this good as I am restored each night! I would recommend Dr. Juetersonke to anyone who needs a doctor who will meet with you in person and take all the necessary time to find a solution to help you! Dr. Juetersonke is the very best physician I have ever worked with!

Terri T


Dr. J and his team are incredible. I spent 7 years going through countless MDs who dismissed my symptoms and cries for help. Once I found Dr. J, it only took him an hour and a half to look at the whole picture and provide a diagnosis that has been lifesaving.

Danni M


When I first saw Dr J, I’d been extremely ill for many years and was nearly bedridden. I’d already seen numerous other specialists, and none could figure out the cause of my debilitating symptoms. At my first appointment, in less than an hour, Dr J correctly diagnosed several medical conditions and prescribed the much-needed treatments. He was able to look at my previous labs/tests and see what other doctors had overlooked. And when Tricare and the military pharmacy didn’t want to dispense the medication, he prescribed for me…well, he went toe to toe with them, and I got my medication. Since that initial appointment, Dr J has continued to be my advocate and a stellar diagnostician. After years of being mistreated by other medical providers, I finally feel as though I have someone who truly cares about my wellbeing and who wants me to feel my best. Dr J believes that each patient is unique and deserves individualized medical care. To him, medicine is as much an art as it is a science. And unlike many doctors, he enjoys collaborating with his patients and welcomes their input. I highly recommend Dr J, especially for patients who are difficult to diagnose or treat. He has a heart for those who have been written off or ignored by other doctors, particularly patients in the military community. I’m so grateful to have him on my side. December 2022

S ODell


This is simply a note to express our gratitude to you for providing us with such excellent health care. We appreciate your unparalleled commitment to high quality patient care. We are especially grateful for your integrative approach in finding the best possible individual treatment. Thank you for having your amazing practice available to us in Colorado Springs

Carolyn and Rich

Thank you so much for being such and incredible health partners-Words are inadequate to tell you what you have meant to us. Have a great Holiday!


Dr. J practices great medicine, but you women at the front desk, I.V. room and allergy clinic practice the art of healing a sore spirit. Your support through this last year has sustained me, and for that, I thank you.

Sharon and Don

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent care I receive in your office. Your advice is always very helpful and the educational handouts are great references for my addled brain! If I can ever be of help in writing to health insurance companies regarding the length of time you spend with patients and the quality of services provided, I would be happy to do so. The time you allow for office visits with me are very much appreciated especially because of my lengthy drive and my long problem lists. Thank you again.


Thanks once again for all your support & encouragement & perseverance. I’m continuing to work toward getting stronger, in large part thanks to you




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