Iron Deficiency

Iron Deficiency Colorado Springs

We specialize in finding and treating Iron deficiency that other doctors usually miss.

Iron deficiency is as common as hypothyroidism and its symptoms resemble those of hypothyroidism. However, the diagnosis of iron deficiency without anemia is extremely challanging since all indicators of iron status may be "normal." A clinical suspicion is key to the diagnosis of covert iron deficiency! A serum iron blood test cannot be used to diagnose an iron deficiency because it is extremely unreliable! The overall best test is the ferritin test, but be aware that the reference range as published by the laboratory is totally useless.

Iron deficiency is associated with the following:

Brittle nails
Cold intolerance
Cognitive difficulty
Hair loss
Muscle aches
Restess leg syndrome
Non-restorative Sleep

NOTE: Anemia only occurrs when iron stores are completely depleted. Using anemia to diagnose iron deficiency is like using the sound of your car engine to diagnose a gasoline deficiency.

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Iron Deficiency Colorado Springs



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