Sensitivity Or Intolerance To Food, Pollens, Molds, Dust And Animal Danders Are The Most Common Allergic Conditions We Diagnose And Treat. More Severe Sensitivities Include Environmental Pollutants, Pesticides, Odors, Fumes And Food Additives.

Our First Treatment Course Is To Isolate The Allergen. Once Known, We Work With Our Patients Utilizing A Variety Of Techniques Including Diet, Immunotherapy, Supplements And, When Needed, Medications.

LDA (Low Dose Allergens)

We Also Offer LDA (Short For “Low Dose Allergens”, Or Ultra Low Dose Enzyme Activated Immunotherapy) A Method Of Immunotherapy Enhanced By A Minute Dose Of The Enzyme, Beta Glucuronidase (Dose Is 10-13). The Beta Glucuronidase Stimulates The Production Of T-Suppressor Cells. These Cells Actively "Switch Off" Helper Cells That Are Erroneously Causing Patients To Be Ill By Misidentifying Normal Substances In The Body To Be Allergens.

LDA Is Used To Treat All Types Of Allergy, Sensitivity And Intolerance To Inhalants (Pollens, Dust, Mites, Danders, Etc.), Foods And Chemicals. It Is Used To Treat Such Conditions As Seasonal And Perennial Hay Fever, Asthma, All Types Of Food Allergy And Many Other Problems.
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