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My preference in being your physician is to look in detail for causes and explore “natural” treatments, which risk fewer side effects. We aim to optimize health, not simply suppress symptoms. Since you may not find these approaches and possible lifestyle changes familiar, we need time to discuss them with you. But it is likely that this treatment will require more of you than simply taking another pill. We hope that you find this to be more rewarding, as well.

I prefer to treat patients whose primary goal is getting well. Therefore, in order to concentrate on treatment and getting to know you as a patient, I will not do any disability or legal work for the first six months after your initial appointment.

We do not provide childcare, so if you have young children, please arrange for their care. Please complete the questionnaire 1-2 weeks before your appointment. Bring your completed questionnaire with you to your first appointment. When you arrive a medical assistant will take your picture and your height, weight, and blood pressure before your appointment. Then you will have an extended interview with me, to discuss your health history and possible therapies.

We invite you to make an appointment with Dr Gerdes if you are having trouble getting the care you want.

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If you do not ask the right question you do not get the right answers. A question asked in the right way often points to its own answer. Asking questions is the ABC of diagnosis. Only the inquiring mind solves problems.
-Edward Hodnett

About Dr. Gerdes

My FORMAL TRAINING has been as follows:

  • M.D. University of Minnesota 1964‑1968
  • Internship: Fresno (CA) General Hospital 1968‑1969
  • Internal Medicine Residency: U. of West Virginia 1975‑1977
  • Allergy‑Immunology Fellowship: National Jewish 1977‑1979


  • American Board of Internal Medicine 1977
  • American Board of Allergy‑Immunology 1979
  • American Board of Environmental Medicine 1988

Environmental Medicine includes diagnosis of FOOD ALLERGY, treatment of POLLENS, MOLDS, and other INHALANTS, and work with CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES. In 1975, I was the second trainee of Theron Randolph, M.D., considered by many to be the “Father of Environmental Medicine.” In 1975, and each year since 1978, I have attended the Annual Scientific Session of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM). I have attended all 4 of the instructional courses given by AAEM and am a fellow of that organization.

In addition to spending several days in 1982 in the office with Orion Truss, M.D., I attended the informal lectures he gave on CANDIDA ALBICANS in Dallas in 1982, and the 3 formal conferences organized by Drs. Sid Baker and William Crook on Candida in 1983, 1985, and 1987. I am one of the physicians Dr. Crook polls as he surveys physician practices for his series of books on Candida.

For Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization (EPD) I have attended all of the formal conferences given in the U.S. since they began in 1990, and attended the 1994 annual meeting in England.

As there have been no formal conferences on the treatment of INSULIN RESISTANCE, my education has been mainly through reading of the literature and informal discussion. With Dr. George Juetersonke, I have lectured about this topic to AAEM, and the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.

My understanding of INTESTINAL DYSBIOSIS and NUTRITION comes from reading plus listening to audio tapes and lectures at meetings attended.

Kendall Gerdes, MD Colorado Springs


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